Smart terminals meet revolutionary payments

Whether you are a small merchant or a large retailer, our innovative range of payment terminals allows you to accept a wide portfolio of payment types. Our devices are designed to provide the best customer experience with a user-friendly interface.

We partner with the leading POS terminal providers

We offer all the payment methods and services your business needs

Accept new types of payment

With Sylq you can accept chip and magnetic cards, contactless payments, Open banking and cryptocurrency payments, as well as remote payments via SMS or email.

Speed up the checkout process

Payment in less than a second! Now possible with all our contactless devices. Embrace the innovation that allows your business to grow.

Boost your business

Improve checkout ergonomics with our carefully designed payment terminals to boost sales and optimise customer loyalty.

Modern line-up

Whether you're looking for desktop or mobile solutions, our devices have proven their capabilities in various business profiles.

All-inclusive service package

Service offerings are included in our payment terminal deals such as 24/7 support, maintenance and standard exchange.


Rent your payment terminal at any time

Whether for seasonal rental, special events or lease, we offer you a wide range of services. These includes training, an unlimited communication package, a 24/7 hotline and maintenance with standard exchange.


The solution for every payment

Transform your point of sale into a point of service with our modern payment terminals, which are equipped to handle a variety of advanced payment options. In addition to traditional chip, contactless, NFC couponing, and wallet payments, our terminals can also support innovative payment methods like Pay By Bank and Pay By Crypto.


Streamline and secure your operation

We offer a complete solution to businesses that wish to streamline the management of their franchisees or subsidiaries, to enable the centralised management of all payments and electronic transactions.

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