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An all-in-one solution that provides your customers with the ability to make contactless card payments, bank payments, cryptocurrency transactions and remote payments using a QR code or a payment link.

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Card payments

We support all major credit and debit cards to suit your client preferences. They can also use their phone or watch to pay.

Bank payments

Accept direct bank payments with Sylq’s Pay by Bank. Open Banking payments are more secure and less expensive than card or check payments.

Crypto payment

Sylq’s Pay by Crypto allows your customers to pay with the cryptocurrency of their choice while you receive settlements in fiat.

Loyalty suite

Easy-to-use loyalty programs that allow you to target clients with special offers and turn them into recurring customers.

24/7 Support

We're here to support you, whatever your needs may be and whenever they might arise. We offer 24/7 assistance in both English and French.


Smart POS terminal or mobile device - the choice is yours

Get all the benefits of Sylq’s payment solution regardless of the device you choose.

Bonus: Crypto payments are also available on Smart POS terminals.

Sylq app is now vailable on both Android and iOS!


Receive online payments instantly, without additional fees

Sylq can be integrated into the checkout of any e-commerce website. Your customers can choose to pay with their card, their bank account or their crypto.


Receive payments easily even remotely, just by sending an SMS

Our remote payment solution allows you to get paid no matter where you are. Simply send an SMS or email with a payment link or QR code to your customer and they can make a payment from anywhere. This is a convenient and secure solution for bill payments.

You send us this:

  "amount": 0, /* the price of the goods */
  "description": "string",  /* whatever you want to write to describe the transaction */
  "payment_type": "bank", /* could be "bank", "crypto" or "card", we will do the rest for you. That easy! */
  "merchant_id": 0, /* You can identify who you are here */
 "metadata": {}  /* Feel free to add anything else that you may want to store */

And, in less than a second, you get:

  • The QR code to let your customer do the payment.
  • The checkout url, just in case they don’t want to take pictures.
  • All the information that you may want to know.


An API that seamlessly integrates online payments.

Avoid the hassle of using multiple clunky APIs. Sylq’s cutting-edge API seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, allowing you to easily manage transactions and accept online payments.

Here's what our merchants and partners say about us
Julien Thionnet
Julien ThionnetStore Manager at Parker & Smith
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Sylq, a company that takes great care of its merchants. Always available and attentive, they are professional and reactive (rare qualities these days). A personalised follow-up, a total accompaniment on the transactions with clear and precise explanations. Sylq has allowed us to expand our payment methods to include crypto-currencies and thus offer our customers a new means of payment. We have already made some great transactions. Sylq opens the doors to Commerce 3.0.
Pancho Pérez Salazar
Pancho Pérez Salazar Director Of Operations and Business Development at PaynoPain
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We were looking for the perfect way to access bank payment initiation and crypto payments. Sylq gives us the best connection, API and support for our Paylands Payment Service Provider. Sylq understood the needs as we have as a PSP and payment entity. Our decision to use Sylq is using the best Bank API integrations, simplifying the Onboarding and delivery of the payment service.
Cyrille Van Belleghem
Cyrille Van BelleghemDirector of Porsche Centres Paris
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We wanted a premium and innovative solution for our CB payments: Sylq supported us in identifying payments via QR code, thus optimising the customer experience and simplifying the monitoring of cash receipts for our employees via a high-performance back office.
Arnaud Touati
Arnaud TouatiStart-up and New technologies Lawyer at Hashtag Avocates
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Sylq allows us to accept new payment methods thanks to the Pay by Bank and Pay by Crypto, and that without payment limits and constraints.
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