Accept payments in cryptocurrencies

Accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies without handling crypto yourself. Customers simply scan a QR code and complete the payment on their phone. You get paid in fiat, while still offering your customers the flexibility of using the cryptocurrency of their choice. Get started now and expand your payment options.

There are many benefits in allowing your customers to pay with their cryptocurrencies


By accepting cryptocurrency payments, merchants can appeal to a new generation of consumers.


We have made the acceptance of cryptocurrencies fully secure for the merchant just like any other payment type: no external wallet to connect to, all the payment flows are managed by Sylq.


Merchants don't need a special wallet to accept cryptocurrency payments, they receive the funds in their usual currency. And their customers can choose to pay from their favourite wallet.


Accepting multiple cryptocurrencies in the same way as accepting multiple fiat currencies without investing in crypto infrastructure saves merchants time and effort.


What is Pay by Crypto?

Pay by Crypto allows you to accept payments from customers using a cryptocurrency. Your customers can use a variety of cryptocurrency types and complete the payment by scanning a QR code or via SMS/email. With Pay by Crypto, you get paid in fiat currency so you don't have to handle any cryptocurrency yourself.


Offering crypto payments to your customers has never been easier

Just complete our onboarding process and you’re all set to accept crypto payments directly on your Android, iPhone and/or POS terminal.

Available on both Android and iOS!


Launching a payment

Just as easy as it sounds. Enter the amount on your device, in your usual currency. Launch the payment and invite the customer to scan the QR code with the phone camera - or to receive an SMS or email - and initiate the payment through their crypto wallet.


Get your money in your currency, we take care of the crypto

We offer daily settlements for crypto payments, in fiat currencies.

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