Pay by Card

Easily accept card payments in-store, online or remotely via sms or e-mail. Pay by Card will be available on smart terminals as well as Android or iOS mobile devices.


What is Pay by Card?

Convenient, fast and hassle-free. Pay by Card will enable your business to accept card payments on any smart terminal, Android or iOS device. Let your customers pay how they want and protect your business from fraud with our secure payment platform.


Pay by Card will allow your business to start taking card payments effortlessly

Just complete our onboarding process and you’re all set to accept card payments directly on your Android, iPhone and/or POS terminal.


Launching a payment

Just as easy as it sounds. Enter the amount on your device, launch the payment and ask the customer to hold their card (or phone) over the terminal or mobile device.


Nobody likes refunds but they can still happen

With Pay by Card you will be able to easily refund anyone who paid by card just by clicking a button on your device.


Receive your funds daily

With Pay by Card you will have daily settlements so you don't have to wait to receive your funds!

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