Life at Sylq

Join our vibrant team transforming the future of payments. At Sylq, we're about more than work - we're about creation, innovation, and revolution.

Who we are

At Sylq, we're more than a fintech company. We're a group of innovators, creators, and problem-solvers united by a shared mission to transform the payment industry. Our aim is to simplify transactions, making payments accessible and efficient for everyone, everywhere.

We're firm believers in the power of technology to disrupt the status quo. Our culture champions innovation, diversity, and lifelong learning. Integrity, collaboration, and customer-centricity are the values that guide our every decision and action.

Working at Sylq

Being a part of the Sylq team means immersing yourself in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that nurtures creativity and critical thinking. Our work culture is inclusive, supportive, and fun, making Sylq a place where every individual can thrive.

At Sylq, no two days are the same. You'll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects, collaborate with a brilliant team, and contribute directly to our company's growth and success. We offer competitive benefits, flexible work schedules, and abundant opportunities for personal and professional development.

Annual Offsite Gatherings

One of the highlights of working with us is our annual offsite gatherings. This is a time when our remote team members come together to connect, share ideas, and strengthen our sense of community. These events foster deeper relationships and collaboration among our team members, irrespective of their geographical locations.

Team Sports Day: Football Culture

It's not just about working in fintech, our teams also get together for after-work sports activities. Whatever their department, they were all mixed together, and over the course of the match managed to create a real sense of cohesion. What better way to unite employees? Corner kicks, free kicks, penalties and, above all, goals: through sport, Sylq contributes to the well-being and fulfillment of its employees.

A Fun Day Playing Football !

Current Openings

Currently we have no Openings available but if you think you're a good fit please drop us a line at and we'll see if there's a fit for you.

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