What is sylq?

​​Sylq is the first European all-in-one merchant payment platform, the result of the merger of French payment leader Synalcom with cutting edge payment fintech Qori.
Sylq provides businesses with a unique integrated payments offering, supporting purchases by card, bank transfer and crypto currencies on any payment terminal or Android and iOS device, whilst also enabling remote and online payments. Sylq also supply, personalise, support and maintain terminals across Europe.
Created by the merger of payment innovators:
Synalcom and Qori

About Synalcom

Synalcom, founded by Tony Delalande in Paris in 2007, provides retailers, merchants, healthcare professionals and banks with a wide range of payment products and services. The company sells and rents a large variety of payment terminals and supplies the accompanying infrastructure. Supporting over 20,000 businesses with over 230,000 payment terminals deployed, Synalcom is a leader in the French payments industry.

About Qori

Qori, founded by repeat fintech entrepreneurs Alain Falys and Daniel Maurice-Vallerey, is one of France’s youngest and most innovative startups with a European focus. Qori has quickly established itself as a pioneering mobile payments platform with a technology that allows brick and mortar and online merchants to cost-effectively accept payments through Open Banking, cryptocurrencies and card as well as enabling engagement rewards.

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